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Kindergarten at BPS

Welcome to Kindergarten at Bungendore Public School

~ A truly special time for your child and your family ~

As a dedicated, caring, and innovative Kindergarten teaching team we are always here to support and work in partnership with you, to ensure that your child’s first year of primary school is a successful and special one, that will be remembered for years to come. Throughout our 'Kindergarten at BPS' page, we trust you will find information that will support you as you begin the journey of your child/ children starting school. 


“In Early Stage 1 we believe in delivering high quality teaching and learning through authentic, positive, and meaningful relationships with students and families, we foster the skills that allow for our students to become capable and connected individuals, developing future focused learning habbits, optimism, and empathy as young citizens in their school and local community. We are passionate and inspire a love of how wonderful it is to be a learner and celebrate growth to ensure the best possible pathways for learning and a preparedness for the opportunities that our students’ lives may bring”.



We acknowledge and highly value the range of knowledge, skills and understanding that students bring to school that has been developed in home and prior-to-school settings. We understand that movement into the Kindergarten (Early Stage 1) curriculum should be seen as a continuum of learning and use this in our planning and programming, to ensure every student is catered for individually, whilst being known valued and cared for. 

At Bungendore Public School we pride ourselves in being a community school that works in partnership with families to authentically foster, build and maintain lasting relationships in and beyond our school, allowing our students to gain a deep love of learning, future focussed learning skills and to immerse themselves in all aspects of school life to gain new experiences that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing school,


As the Kindergarten teaching team, we are committed to

“Growing together with vulnerability and courage by means of sharing and celebrating our skills, experiences, passions, and goals. While inspiring our students, each other and beyond, ensuring we maintain focus of people at the core of what we do, through meaningful relationships of trust and care”.